Benefits of Ideal Consent

Informed consent is defined as "the process by which a physician educates a patient on a recommendation, which is then agreed to by the patient with complete understanding of what is being recommended."

But as patients, do we truly understand what is involved?

True comprehension of a procedure implies knowledge about what will take place, how the procedure is implemented and what to expect afterward. The current process of informed consent relies on variable explanations of procedures and cumbersome paper-based systems resulting in a patient un-friendly process. This current system is out-dated and must be re-structured.

Ideal Consent is designed to be a patient-centered electronic standard. We have worked hard to address the current flaws in the consent process and offer the following:

  • Video clips less than 5 minutes long.
  • Consent statement available in text format.
  • A Question and Answer option
  • Access to the consent at any time for further review
  • Most importantly: Enhanced patient understanding
This powerful tool increases organization in the office and provides patients with straightforward information about the procedures to which they are consenting.