an innovative approach

IdealConsent is a new and innovative approach patients can use to give consent.

This software helps increase medical education among patients, conversation between patients and their physicians, and ultimately improves the process of informed consent where the outdated method of written consent on paper has failed.

IdealConsent was created with the goal of making a web-based consent to be implemented by doctors and hospitals and used by patients because current consent forms are too lengthy and not enough time is given for patients to read and absorb them. Patients now have as much time as they need to become educated, and review and give consent to their physician.

IdealConsent was designed as a revolutionary informed consent application and offers the following:
  • 30-second video clips
  • A question and answer option
  • Written dialogue
  • Access to consent at any time in the future for further review
  • Most importantly: Optimum patient understanding

This powerful tool for the healthcare industry will help organize medical offices while giving patients full awareness of the procedures that they are consenting to do.

The patients' understanding of a procedure is the physician's goal and is most important but often underachieved.

Safe & Secure Consent
  • Patients can give consent via signature, capture it with video, or both
  • Patients and their healthcare facility can keep a record of the consent
  • Patients now have a more legitimate consent in legal situations
  • Video consent is more informative and user-friendly for patients
  • Both patients and doctors benefit from this revolutionary approach